About Us - Meet the Team

Helen - Chairperson of Plastic Free Guernsey

I set up the Facebook page for Plastic Free Guernsey when I went on maternity leave. I was following various Plastic Free July pages and realised that we didn’t have anything local, and that there were definitely areas where people needed information and education on the impact of plastics and the changes they could make. So many changes are very simple and just a case of changing habits. Reusable nappies and wipes are my most significant contribution, but there are so many little changes that make a difference too. It’s great to see the number of people getting on board with this way of thinking, but there’s so much more to do.

Laura - Treasurer

I’ve been helping out with Plastic Free Guernsey since the start of 2018; it’s been exciting getting things off the ground and we’ve had some great events and projects so far!

I like to think we can change the world, perhaps a little at a time, but I would love to see Guernsey as a leader on Plastic Free living.

We all live so closely with our ocean environment on our little rock so it makes sense to do as much as we can. We also need the support of the States and local businesses. I hope that we will be able to encourage more individuals and particularly businesses to make plastic free choices in their daily routines and make Guernsey a Plastic Free pioneer.

Dee - Vice Chairperson

I’ve always been passionate about reducing waste in any way I can, extending the useful life of all sorts of things, whether that be by repurposing or rejuvenating what’s already there.

Unfortunately there are some things that are much harder to bring renewed life to once their original purpose has been fulfilled. Reducing our reliance on these items is the only option, which is why I was so excited to become part of the PFG team; helping others to reduce their reliance on single use plastic, one swap at a time, together we can make a difference!

Mads - Secretary

In true Guernsey style, I am related to Helen and was interested in what she had set up with Plastic Free Guernsey. I love the sea and have always been passionate about the environment, and I hope that by raising awareness locally of the problems facing our island and beyond, we can effect change. My favourite plastic-free swaps are my reusable water bottle and my Mooncup, both of which are life-changing! I am also involved in the Refill project, signing up local businesses as official Refill stations where you can get your bottle topped up free from the tap.