Introducing… Guernsey Together Cups!

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How many times have you been to a great gig or event and had it spoiled by the sight of overflowing rubbish or recycling bins full to the brim with good intentions and worse still, single-use plastic pint glasses littering our environment?

There are a hardcore few who remember to take their reusables to events but for those of us without superhuman organisational skills, we have worked with Randalls’ to find a solution! 

Introducing… the Guernsey Together Cup!

At a variety of local events, you can simply pay a small deposit to get your drink in a lovely reusable pint cup; feel free to take it away, enjoy your drink and return the cup next time you head to the bar for a refill. At the end of the night, you will either get your deposit back and the cycle continues, or if you really want to, you can keep the cup as a memento (having paid for it with your deposit). We’d encourage returning the cups though so they can be washed and used repeatedly!

We admit, we are called Plastic Free Guernsey, and yes, these cups are made from plastic. BUT – they are designed to be used over and over and over again, and when they do come to the end of their usable life, they are fully recyclable.

So look out for these cups at an event near you soon – we’d love to see your photos of them, don’t forget to tag us and Randalls’!


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  • Richard Vivian

    Hi. My son collected quite a few of these at the Regatta. Is there anywhere he can return these and collect a deposit at all? Thanks

    • Plastic Free

      Hi Richard, it’s probably best to get in touch with Randalls to check – otherwise wash them at home and remember to take them with you next time you go to an event where you might need your own cup. Look out for us at the West Show next week too!