Rebirth of the plastic free picnic

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Rebirth of the plastic free picnic

With the sun now shining, fair weather picnic season has officially arrived! It must be part of our British heritage that brings out the urge to picnic as soon as the weather turns.

We all have our staple picnic foods – little sandwiches cut into triangles, fancy crisps, maybe a little dip, the guilty pleasure of a pork pie and a scotch egg…. The list goes on.

And with it the temptation to rush to the shops in eager anticipation of picnic season and the ready made finger food from the *ahem* dedicated picnic section *ahem*. We ask you to stop for a mo. Resist that overwhelming urge.

Is it not the nostalgia and old fashioned fun factor of picnics that we love and cherish so much?

And is it not a little bit sad, that whilst enjoying the outdoor dining experience, we are often nonchalantly compromising its very being with the excessive amounts of packaging that come hand in hand with our pack of ten cocktail sausages and 2 pork pies?

Fear not, all is not lost on the picnic front! A plastic free picnic is entirely possible, and dare we say it, even more fun than the picnics of convenience we have grown accustomed to.

Making your own picnic from scratch sounds like a chore, but making dips like guacamole and hummus is a doddle; numerous recipes can be found online and can be whipped up in a matter of minutes. We all know how to make a sandwich and hard boil an egg (hopefully!) – get a little experimental with your fillings and see what works best!

You could even find your inner baker, make a cake, bake a loaf of bread, experiment with savoury flapjacks or sausage rolls.

If it sounds daunting and you are tight on time, you could try weeding out one convenience food with each picnic and replacing it with something homemade. If you are going on a group picnic, you could challenge everyone to bring one homemade item, think of it as an alfresco pot luck dinner!

We would absolutely love to see your #PlasticFreePicnic efforts and victories, please feel free to post these on our Facebook page or tag us on instagram.

Happy Picnicking!


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