Introducing the plastic free Easter

Introducing the plastic free Easter

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With Easter nearly upon us, it’s about time we talked plastic free Easter ideas. Even for those sweet toothed amongst us, a plastic free Easter is entirely possible! Just look for the treats that come in foil, or foil and card only. We are spotting less and less plastic on the shelves this Easter, so even if the creme egg isn’t your vice, there will definitely be something to tickle your fancy if you are hankering for a chocolate fix.

Although Easter does seem to have become a chocolate obsessed holiday, there are lots of other wonderful plastic free ways to enjoy the Easter break, what better time to start a new family tradition or release your inner creativity whilst the natural world wakes up all around us! Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

  • Paint your own eggs. There are lots of tutorials and images to inspire you online, from using real eggs, to cutting your own egg shapes from old cardboard boxes, the variety and results are endless, great fun for kids – and adults alike – trust us, we’ve tried it 😉 For a hassle free eggsperience, why not visit Iris and Dora and have a go at painting a ceramic egg or bunny?
  • Create a Spring time scavenger hunt, lots of templates can be found online, your hunt could be educational as well as fun too, what’s not to like!? Hunt down the most perfect of spring blooms and get your binoculars out for some bird spotting.
  • Create your own Easter tree. Why not set yourselves an extra task on your scavenger hunt to bring a little spring inside? All you need is a few branches and a few feathers to get you started. Why not add your painted eggs to it for a bit of colour as well? If you don’t have access to a garden, you can buy branches full of spring buds from most florists (we favour those who don’t wrap their bouquets in plastic!)

    Finally, to ensure that waste warrior inside you is satisfied with your efforts, remember to collect all your foil wrappers up and scrunch them into one larger ball to ensure they pass through the recycling process efficiently ♻️

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    A north London supermarket has become Britain’s first to introduce plastic-free zones, in a move campaigners believe will spur the giant chains to follow suit.