Refill Guernsey

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Refill Guernsey

In 2018, local youngster Destiny wanted to do something about the numerous discarded plastic bottles littered on our shores. Thanks to her, we’ve seen the island-wide roll-out of Refill Guernsey!

Thanks to Destiny’s passion, we teamed up with Guernsey Water, Guernsey Waste and City to Sea‘s Refill campaign to encourage people to swap plastic bottles for reusables.

Across the island, you can now comfortably ask for your bottle to be refilled anywhere you see the blue sticker or poster, or download the app for more locations. We hope this will become the norm for everyone!


We have been asked for a list of Refill stations as not everyone has a smartphone and can’t access the Refill app, so your wish is our command!

We will update the list as more and more businesses, kiosks, bars and restaurants get involved with this great, free initiative to encourage the use of reusable water bottles.

So without further ado, here is the list as of April 2019 (please contact us on [email protected] if you would like to get involved):


Surf Side Kiosk, Port Soif
Cobo Tea Rooms
Moulin Huet Tea Rooms
Saints Bay kiosk
Rousse kiosk
Grandes Havres Kiosk
Petit Bot Tearooms
Rousse Kiosk
Woodies (Pollet, Chouet & Clocktower)
Jerbourg Kiosk
Mim’s Island View Kiosk at the Bathing Pools

Cafes, Pubs and Restaurants

The Slaughterhouse
The Rockmount
The Beachhouse Pembroke
The Imperial Hotel
Bel-Air, Sark
The Raw Store, Bordage
Bella’s Delicatessen
Mint Brasserie
The Captains, St Martins
Prince of Wales
Caritas Cafe
Les Cotils
All Costa Coffee Shops
M&S cafe, St Peter Port
Creasey’s Coffee Shop, Smith St and High St
Mangeur de Cafe
Coco Brasserie
Harbour Lights
The Douvres
Golden Lion
St Pierre Park Golf Club
The Terrace
Beau Sejour Cafe
Simply V

Stores and Centres

Source Recruitment
Iris & Dora
PF+A Guernsey
Tribe Hair
Bijoux Hair Salon
The Ladies’ College
Styx Community Centre
The Yacht Club
States of Guernsey Buildings
Guernsey Water, Brickfield House
Raymond Falla HouseStates Works
Edward T Wheadon House
Guernsey Airport

Email us if you’d like to register as a Refill station! 

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