Top 10 things you can do to reduce plastic in your life!

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Top 10 things you can do to reduce plastic in your life!

Whether you are just beginning your journey to become plastic-free, or you’ve been making some changes in your life already, here are some quick wins; we promise you won’t tell the difference and you might even save some money along the way.

  1. Get a reusable water bottle – check out the Refill app for more info on this inspiring scheme. You don’t even have to spend money on a new one, a clean jar will do!

  2. Switch to a reusable coffee cup – the coffee obsession is going nowhere so treat yourself to a beautiful, eco-friendly option that doesn’t cost the earth.

  3. Say “no thanks” to plastic carrier bags; this is one of the easiest changes to make. Just keep a bag in the car, your pocket or by the front door so you’ll never forget. Ask us about our next Boomerang bag making workshop for bonus points!

  4. Refuse the straw! If you do need to use a straw, perhaps for medical reasons, or if your kids insist, there are plenty of alternatives on the market; metal, cardboard and even edible!

  5. Fresh produce bags – you can easily avoid the flimsy bags in the fruit and veg aisles with a small cloth/mesh or paper bag. You can also find items in jars whilst you’re shopping, for example, choose honey in a glass jar over the squeezable bottles. The more we favour these items over plastic wrapped versions, the more the supermarkets will listen to us.

  6. Menstrual products are a huge cause of plastic waste – please don’t flush tampons or pads down the toilet but you could go a step further and see how you get on with a menstrual cup, washable pads or period underwear. There are so many brands available, we’re sure you’ll find the one for you! You will definitely save money, improve your health and reduce your waste.

  7. Whilst we’re in the bathroom, you can switch to a bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste and floss in a glass jar, a metal razor and traditional bars of soap. Ditching disposable face wipes for fabric ones works really well for removing makeup (your skin will thank you) and cardboard cotton buds are also available.

  8. Washable nappies are another swap which can make an enormous difference. You can get trial kits to see if they work for you, and even if you only use them at night or occasionally, every nappy saved from landfill really helps! There are also savings to be made financially; contact the Guernsey Real Nappy Network who are there to help!

  9. Children’s toys nowadays seem to be plastic, plastic and more plastic but there are a wealth of lovely alternatives out there; often unique, handmade and something to treasure and pass down rather than throw out after a short use, they are also safer when being chewed.

  10. Last but not least – choose your clothing wisely; quality pieces made from organic, sustainable materials rather than poorly made, plastic-laden synthetics are always a good choice. Pick items that you really love and that will last to prevent the endless plastic wrapped parcels of fast-fashion from clogging up our waterways with the release of microfibres and other pollution.

There’s so much to say on reducing your plastic footprint, so stay tuned for more and let us know your thoughts!

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  • donna marshall

    where can I get the small bags for loose fruit please. I already use a fillable cup for my tea break ,and pick up litter on my walks in the hope that my small effort will help.

    • Plastic Free

      Hi Donna, thanks for commenting! You can pick these up at Iris & Dora, as well as at The Guernsey Weigh shop. We also sell them at events we attend, such as The West Show. You can always re-use a bag which you’ve had for something else if it’s clean too! Thanks for making the changes you mention, every little really does help!

      Mads 🙂

  • John McLowland

    How can I recycle all my christmas gifts? My children have been very naughty and instead of the lego set and ipads I was gonna get them ive decided to only get them an apple mac book!

  • Anne Marie

    I work in a pre school, do you have any posters or leaflets I might find useful. We are currently teaching the children about plastic pollution and the importance of beach cleans. Thanks.